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  •  this is a great idea... (0+ / 0-)

    ...hopefully, it will work; however, those people who are saying now and who were saying before Tuesday that the best hope for health care reform and a public option was to elect Scott Brown to the Senate...must be smoking something. Lets be honest and realistic: The chances of health care reform passing today, with or without a public option, are significantly diminished since Tuesday. The momentum is now with those who want to kill it, stall it, water it down further and, as the White House indicated in some press reports yesterday, "down-size" it. That doesn't exactly sound like the chances have increased to me.

    Despite disagreeing with your premise about whether the odds/chances have increased or decreased, though, you are right, there is still a chance for comprehensive health care reform, including a public option. Yours sounds like the best way to get it to me and those exact sentiments have already been expressed to my Congress member.

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