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  •  Phew! Diary does not lack for content (5+ / 0-)

    ... and all of it is interesting!

    Regarding fundamentalism-- I have seen similar interpretations (i.e., hostile reaction to change) in other sources. Hadn't seen it specifically tied to

    the increase in technological change driven by product-cycles

    before, but I won't dispute the notion. Change is change, whether it be new gizmos, new music, or new social mores.

    Personally, I think maybe I'll become a kitchen-appliance fundamentalist. Esteemed gf recently bought a new stove, which came equipped with a digital control panel that "lets" you do about 1000 things with the oven that you never knew you wanted. Only problem for an old fossil like me is, I can't figure out how to do the one thing I actually do want, which is to be able to turn the damn thing on and off.

    So I guess from now on I'll be doing my cooking with one iron pot over a fire of twigs. It might seem a little primitive, but at least I can understand the interface :)

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