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  •  Please don't forget that Wolf (1+ / 0-)
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    mali muso

    went to the microphone to put down Kaine for not getting the stimulus money out fast enough - after Wolf had voted against it!
    Not to mention Wolf is a long-time C Streeter who tries to deny it.
    Yep, I'm in his district. I worked for Judy Feder. I will work for any Wolf opponent.
    The one thing he has going for him is that he has been good at helping to preserve batttlefields and public land. In an area where tourism is part of the income, that matters and he touts it loudly. He's also all over drug issues - not sure what he's done, but he complains about it all the time - "it's those dirty illiegals" is pretty much what he says.
    Wolf is also a co-sponsor of the bipartisan committee to be established for Congress people to hide behind as they dismantle Social Secutity and Medicare. I have such a problem with people I have no hand in electing making those decisions and Congress has to vote on them up-or-down. 'Course Warner's on that agenda too.

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