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View Diary: OH-Gov: Battle of the Titanics -- Kasich hits 51% in new Ohio Poll (31 comments)

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  •  that's half-way true (1+ / 0-)
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    but right now ohioans don't trust the repubs after what Taft did...but Kasich, with his name recognition...and bet he'll be on Fox 24/7 leading up to election day will be formidable.  I do think unemployment is a huge issues and Strickland's safest way to win is to get that number down...I also think it's important for Brunner to be on the ticket as she is more inspiring will bring in more voters than Lee Fisher who's she's in a primary contest with.

    •  Good points -- then some (0+ / 0-)

      You make some specific points that are really good..

      But to be honest .. Dems can neutralize unemployment issue if they map out a logical way under 8% that is easy to grasp.. No Tortured Logic.
      Than force Repubs to come up with an answer besides TAX CUT wand.

      Force the issue.

      Dems also need to understand 10% unemployment is not meaning 1 in 10 is affected.  Those out of work people usually have kids or Spouse.  and thier pain is transferred.  And those people turn to employed people for help.  Dems need to be aware of this and communicate it.

      But you make great points, Doesnt hurt that Kasich is not a jerk, is actually for affirmative action and likeable - tough road against him.

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