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  •  The freeze is not a freeze (2+ / 0-)
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    Well, not exactly. During the first few months of his presidency, President Obama asked each department to take a good look at their budgets. They were informed to cut what was not needed. So this freeze, as I understand, has really been in the works way before the MA election.

    I am hoping that tomorrow's SOTU speech will explain these "freezes" and how health care costs intertwine with the whole economy.

    I also hope the President calls Congress "out" for being - selfish. The House could pass the Senate bill with the intention of the Senate to "fix" what is needed  fixing. Why don't they?

    Perhaps more than a few are overly concerned with their reelection. It is time Congress gets the message that they are sent to write legislation that helps the American people. Keeping their seat should have nothing to do with it.

    The House and the Senate need to get health care passed. It is simply tragic that we have come this far for them to lose whatever spine they had.

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