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    I have nowhere, ever, advocated submission to, or acceptance of capitalism as we now know it.

    On the other hand, neither am I living in la la land, where I anticipate a complete overthrow of capitalism, in one fell swoop, especially in just one election, lol, nor as a result of, say, the left bringing civil war.

    I do think it's important to strike fear into the hearts of the worst fascist pigs, to force them to at least try to co-opt our rhetoric, and to even actually materially lighten up, somewhat, even to some slight degree, in the most egregious aspects of their rapacious, murderous, psychopathic plunder.

    I think it's a very good thing, that the right is now absolutely freaking out, calling for political assassination, mass murder and civil war.  

    This is not because I have some kind of ya ya about terrorizing the right, lol, but because it's clear proof that we are winning.

    Anyway, I think it's important to recognize that this is not 1917 Russia, nor 1945 China.

    This is the USA, going into the 21st Century.

    If anyone can bring actual, real, genuine revolution...democratically, electorally, even...we can.  

    Just because nobody, anywhere, has ever achieved actual real democracy, yet, anywhere, by any means, does not prove that it's impossible or undesirable... it only proves that the antidemocratic right is very rich, powerful and ruthless.

    I think the main obstacle to success is the likely prospect of civil war...from the right...who will stop at nothing to prevent actual real democracy.

    I propose the analysis that it is necessary, in our present circumstances and conditions, to establish the material basis of an overwhelming popular democratic mandate, as the only really legitimate basis for effectively suppressing that civil war and the right.

    I'm not interested in a putsch, nor in seeing the US descend into absolute chaos.;  The stronger the popular democratic mandate for revolutionary change, ie: genuine democracy...the faster and more effectively and thoroughly, and rationally, and fairly, the right will be suppressed.

    "...a printing press is worth 10,000 rifles..." Ho Chi Minh

    by Radical def on Sun Jan 31, 2010 at 04:22:53 PM PST

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