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View Diary: Armando's Challenge, Or The Informed Citizen's Guide To The 2004 Election (389 comments)

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  •  One more reccomendation ... (none)
    Actually you can copy / paste from a pdf doc too, and the resulting file size would be so much smaller.

    Do let me know if you want a PDF made from the word doc, I'd be more than happy to help, I am a compression elf of the highest order (even if I say so myself).

    And thanks for all the work you've done on this since the dark criminal day itself...

    "We need to get back to basics and start listening to people from outside Washington." - Howard Dean

    by deafmetal on Sun Jan 02, 2005 at 05:55:13 PM PST

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    •  thanks! (none)
      I've read the .pdfs already posted here, and they're great, but i think the formatting of the pictures isn't right on one.

      if you have the time, and can compress it, it would be much appreciated!

      •  I just got through reformatting the PDF I made (none)
        I think the image formatting is significantly improved (no more images broken across pages).  Also I cut a bit of whitespace which I suspect was inserted by

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