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View Diary: Armando's Challenge, Or The Informed Citizen's Guide To The 2004 Election (389 comments)

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  •  You guys (4.00)
    seem to find it all oh so tedious..

    You know.. elections.. voting.. all this silly stuff. Things african americans were literally being beaten and even dying for not long ago.

    I mean whats wrong with these people. Wanting to investigate rampant vote fraud when it inconveniences you. Why you have to scroll down! And.. well... they might get people excited or upset. Cant have that. Its all so tedious and if people start talking about that there will be less to relieve your tedium.

    Some of you have come to admit there was election fraud though only belatedly and without giving credit i notice. Others of you attack people like Bev Harris who, rather than sitting on her ass declaring her tedium .. investigates. She even.. god forbid.. leaves her house and goes places where they do zany things like store ballots! The nerve!

    A lot of us here consider our votes and the vote of every american important. A lot of us here have family members who fought in war after war to protect that right. A lot of people here marched or have family who marched in the face of open police brutality to protect Democracy. Because that is what you seem to find so tedious.. democracy itself.

    You think it cant happen. That its a minor thing. That "conspiracies" dont happen.
    In the late 70's and early 80's semi-distant relatives of mine got caught doing what you're saying is impossible. They had been rigging the elections in Clay County kentucky for decades. Votes were openly bought and sold. $50 was the going rate. The dead voted. People who'd never heard of the county voted. People voted twice.

    So if you Dont mind too awfully much I hope they keep making your lives oh so so tedious and investigating. I hope the investigate every detail. And i hope they dont listen to fools who dont seem to comprehend that the very cornerstone of democracy is one person one vote. And whether you like it or not every single vote is important. And whether you like it or not some of us want to weed out every drop of corruption, now and later. Whether if affects the election or not. I have a feeling people like Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Franklin et al agree more with that position and consider your tedium truely inconsequential.

    The Democratic party needs to adopt its own moral and values principles (clawed) My other Drunken ravings

    by cdreid on Sun Jan 02, 2005 at 06:31:42 PM PST

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    •  One dollar - one vote (none)
      Our "democracy" is recycled via "one dollar, one vote" and the GOP wingtips proudly proclaim it.  The Dems just did it the old-fashioned way, but the GOP now use laws, process, and contracts to do it their way.  


      Politics is not about ...predictions. Politics is what we create by what we do, what we hope for, and what we dare to imagine. Paul Wellstone

      by bronte17 on Sun Jan 02, 2005 at 07:27:02 PM PST

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