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View Diary: Armando's Challenge, Or The Informed Citizen's Guide To The 2004 Election (389 comments)

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  •  a note of paranoia (none)
    This may be a case where the horse has already left the stable, but it just occurred to me as I was reading, that the document is infinitely ripe for some malicious tampering in its current form, both as Word doc and pdf.

    The final should definitely be a read-only document and if it's not too late, I would put a "DRAFT" header or watermark on every page.

    I'm assuming that this is already speeding across the internets at warp speed.  I'm sorry I didn't think of this earlier. But I also want to make sure all your hard work is protected.

    Lawyer-types--does Georgia have to worry about copyright issues?

    If I'm just being a worry-wart, please feel free to ignore.

    "I still think politics is about who's getting screwed and who's doing the screwing." -Molly Ivins

    by hono lulu on Sun Jan 02, 2005 at 11:27:33 PM PST

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