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    The Washington County Board of Elections is counting ballots again today.

    It seems that since there was a different count reported to the Secretary of State's office than that certified originally, that the SoS has some forms that need filled out by the BoE.
    In attempting to fill out those forms, they realized the numbers don't work.  They thought the problem was in the absentee ballots so today before the Board meeting they ran the absentee ballots through the ES&S machines again and <gasp>, the count doesn't match.

    Original absentee ballot total Nov 2nd - 3053
    Absentee total from the ES&S machine Dec 14 - 3062
    Absentee total Board thinks is right - 3081
    Total absentee from count this morning - 3101

    They decided to hand count them after their meeting today.

    There are no two numbers that match up or add up in this county.  I wouldn't let these people collect money for Girl Scout cookies.

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