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  •  With respect you're completely wrong (none)
    looking at the machines and the code is not a treatment at all.  Treatment would be determined after a diagnosis.

    All we have now are symptoms.

    The symptoms are a popular vote the defies all expectations considering Bush's negatives, the numbers on the country moving in the right direction, the state polls, the national polls, and the exit polls.  Plus, obvious voter suppression efforts, anecdotal reports of voting machines misbehaving, and the behavior of Blackwill.

    The only way to prevent a possible theft of the machines is to raise the level of public doubt to the point that the public demands an investigation before an inauguration.

    It's too late for that now, no thanks to people like you and Delaware Dem, who have urged us to get on with it.

    They were Nazis, Walter?

    by BooMan23 on Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 10:24:18 AM PST

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    •  That's respect? (none)
      I can appreciate a different definition of terms in the analogy, but where have I ever urged you or anyone else to "get on with it?"

      I've been pretty forthcoming in this thread with respect to what I'd like you to get on with, and that's the introduction of legislation to make it illegal to use non-open source electronic voting or vote counting equipment, and in the meantime, using strategic lawsuits designed to make whatever case is possible for prying your way into that proprietary code, on public policy grounds.

      With those goals in mind, I disagree that this must happen before the inauguration. That's the best time for it, but I don't think it closes the door on us.

      In reconsidering the analogy, I would agree that just looking at the machines isn't treatment, although it is invasive. Maybe that's exploratory surgery -- to see if the tumor is removable.

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