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  •  most of my professional life (none)
    is focused on promoting innovation, positive leadership and creativity in institutions and businesses, so I don't concede the notion that the engines of our institutions don't promote innovation, though as big corporations have stacked the regulatory deck against new entrants, the job has gotten harder.  In the long run, that will diminish U. S. job growth and increase poverty.  

    That's why I'd like to see well targeted, progressive political and structural regulatory reform.  Other national economies, with their declining barriers to entry for start-ups and their improving science and educational programs, are catching up to us, and our global niche is weakening.  If you think jobs are fleeing overseas now, you aint seen nothin yet, if we lose our competitive edges in education and innovation.

    Many of those mothballed products are not yet viable products:  by that I mean that they cannot be produced and presented in ways that consumers will support, at some reasonable rate of profit.  Many good ideas die out due to resistance to change, but that's what businesses hire people like me to help them avoid.  I'm currently in the editing phase of a book I've written on the subject.

    I live in Alexandria, VA.

    We are not a "compassionate conservatives." We are "fighting liberals." And we'll kick your ass.

    by Pachacutec on Tue Jan 04, 2005 at 11:00:27 AM PST

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