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View Diary: I'm being cyber bullied and I am not going to give in. (23 comments)

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  •  Right Wing Money is Eveywhere (4+ / 0-)

    America is awash in millions of dollars for America's youth that want to get onboard the right wing express. Just briefly there are thousands of right wing ideolog multi-millionaires who are just dying to give money away to anybody willing to take the political field against the liberals and progressives in America.

    Some college age kids are getting the message and see an open door to riches and the good life before they hit 31 years old. With the internet the startup costs are virtually nil. Just setup a fast talking right wing friendly web site and if you post up good "clever/amusing" right wing copy, the bucks will soon start rolling in. Right wing money will definitely come in much faster if you can get involved in a cyber war with a well known liberal blogger/website. And that's just the way it is......

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