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View Diary: Losing Obama's Senate seat - is IL the next Massachusetts? (157 comments)

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  •  thanks for the history (0+ / 0-)

    and the other side of the history is that on the Democratic side the current wave of ineffectiveness and corruption also comes with a huge amount of precedent.  What a screwed up state?

    The one new thing in all of this is that on the Democratic side, Illinois is becoming dominated by hereditary nobility - think Madigan 2, Hynes 2, Stroeger 2, Blago the son in law, Lipinski 2 and Alexi kind of fills that roll.  The third base silver spoon analogy Gov Richards used for Bush I could apply here.  The whole point of our country was that we decided there was no genetic "leadership" gene.

    In short Illinois is purple, the Republicans may actually be rebuilding (despite the teabaggging pederasty-spewing crap that Kirk has had to deal with) while the Democrats are in complacency, ineffectual mode with the enfants d'oree running the place.

    No a pretty picture if you wanted to hang your hat on the Democratic party for true progressive policies and clean government.  

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