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View Diary: Jackie Speier (D-CA) wants out of Congress? (69 comments)

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    limbaugh (and sons)

    politics in many states greatly influenced and even dominated by uncontested RW radio megastations in those states. the states where RW talk radio disinformation is the most effective may be states with the greatest ratio of senators to population, states with small populations. then there are the red states with blue dog dems.

    the teabagggers/birthers/screamers are dittoheads, and they can apply enormous made-to-order intimidation on politicians. or they can be used to enable politicians looking for an excuse to take the lobbyist money- which is where most of the talking points are indirectly coming from

    US social and political reality is largely determined by 1000 radio stations blasting coordinated UNCONTESTED repetition all day long.

    by certainot on Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 09:12:02 PM PST

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