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View Diary: Blair Defends Iraq Invasion at Chilcot Inquiry (87 comments)

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    "He sent Blair a letter in March 2002, just 10 days before the prime minister met with President George Bush. The letter  indicates that Blair was already on a course for military action at a time when he was telling the British public that no decision had been made."

    The diary also adds - "A January survey commissioned by the Times (of London) found that 52% of Britons believe Blair misled the nation, and 23% want him tried as a war criminal."

    I have to say though that telling the public one thing while secretly preparing for war is not new.  Just go back and look at what Roosevelt was doing behind the scenes during the last few years prior to Pearl Harbor.  Did President Roosevelt mislead the public?  With out a doubt.  Does that make him a war criminal?  Don't think so.  Could Blair have been making what he thought was the correct decision.  Maybe.

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