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  •  To some degree (none)
    it would depend on the "prominant African American". While race alone can sway some votes, it's usually not enough to turn into a "deciding factor" in and of itself. Is Kirk well-known and embraced by the African American community? I have no idea...

    I am all in favor of diversifying the leadership of all of our various organizations of power in this country. It's a shame that things seem to continually be run by a group of white men.

    However, I also am not too thrilled with the idea of fetishizing one single position, such as head of the DNC. There's already been an African American head of the DNC (right?), so that particular psychological hurdle has been crossed. It would seem better to find someone who will get us to our goal rather than worrying about the racial politics of that one particular position.

    Abortions go up under Republicans. Business is better under Democrats. Pass it on.

    by JMS on Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 10:29:29 AM PST

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    •  kirk (none)
      kirk burned lots of brides with the AA community in dallas.  he got elected by riding on their backs, then sold them out to the highest (and whitest) bidders from highland park (that's the uber-uber-uber-rich enclave of mcmansions in dallas proper; people like tom hicks and harlan crow have homes there).

      "Democrats: Always standing up for what they later realise they should have believed in." -Jon Stewart, the Daily Show

      by anna on Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 12:11:29 PM PST

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