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  •  I want a vast Left Wing Conspiracy (4.00)
    I want left wing academics on every news program.

    I want advanced policy ideas 3 decades ahead of time, like abandoning the war on drugs and focusing on harm reduction.

    I want frames and memes pumped out every hour on the hour, and I want the corporate media parroting them.

    I want marketers figuring out the exact terms, images, and symbols that they'll respond to.

    I want fundraising that doesn't just go into the non-profit sector but actually pushes new legislation.

    I want my environmentalist dollar to put an environmentalist in congress. I want my international relief dollar to get a war-monger pushed out of the senate. I want my dollar to stop treating symptoms from George Bush's presidency, and put a Democrat in there with a sense of prevention.

    I want a narrative that ties together labor, gays, and blacks, with women, hispanics, and the middle class -- where we've been, where we're going, and
    why you'll agree with the big picture even if you disagree about some of the details.

    I want liberals back in the Churches. I want Jesus Christ with long hair and a beard, and I want someone to start calling the GOP Pharisees. I want someone to give Jerry Fallwell a swift kick in the ass.

    I want to take back the anti-politics started by George Bush. I don't just want to point out the fallacy of everything he says, I want to remind everyone that we've got folksy common sense. That we're the party of reality.

    I want packages that contact liberal minded business owners, millionaires, and billionaires. (They exist.) I want to see their money organized and channelled into one constructive force, instead of fragmenting it between a dozen non-profit organizations.

    I want international cooperation. Instead of America going to Iraq for Nation Building, I want "old Europe" doing a little bit of Nation Building right here.

    I want a close relationship with Unions. I want Unions to stop hemmoraging and start growing. I also want anti-Union propaganda to be countered every step of the way.

    I want to grow the environmentalism cause, under any label or ideology. I want sportsmen, socialites, hippies, religious naturalists, and economists all on board for a sustainable industrial re-revolution.

    I want a liberal Karl Rove. Yeah I fucking said it. I dare you to try the words "moral high ground" on me.

    I want reform.

    Google bomb tom delay and coward. Ask me how to help.

    by danthrax on Mon Jan 03, 2005 at 10:41:50 AM PST

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