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    Agreed in general about NAFTA, and I think it contributed to the huge turnaround in places like WA.  (That was incredible; it went from 8D-1R to 7R-2D in one election with no open seats--6 of 8 incumbents defeated in a non-redistricting year!--and overall, because of the narrow margins in all races but three, the Dem congressional candidates got more votes statewide than the Repubs!)  But in MI we only lost one seat that year, it was open (because incumbent Bob Carr ran for the Senate), and it may have been the most evenly divided seat in the nation.  [Stabenow won it back in 1996, held it in 1998, vacated it for her Senate run in 2000, and the Repub won it by 91 votes.]  

    But it's a quibble about MI, because even though we only lost one seat, Dale Kildee and Sandy Levin barely survived against, respectively, a woman who had never made enough money to file an income tax return, and a wing-nut.  It was a brutal year.  

    BTW, completely agreed on populism; it's what we've been missing most of the last ten years, and Gore's embrace of it was early enough to squeak out a popular vote win but too late (and it was a bit of a disconnect between message and messenger) to put him in the White House.  

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