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View Diary: Dems to the barricades? Bullshit (136 comments)

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  •  He looked funny with his head popping out of that (none)
    ... tank.

    Oh wait...

    That wasn't Kerry...

    •  Slightly O/T (none)
      The guy who was in charge of advance at the General Dynamics Tank Plant in Warren MI where that event was staged managed a campaign in Michigan a few years later.  Some friends of mine from that campaign ran into Dukakis at some event a few years ago, and they asked him if he remembered (person's name witheld, even though he was a jackass).  The Duke squinted a bit, and looked at them for a second or two, and said, "Oh, you mean (person's name witheld, even though he was a jackass), the Kiss of Death?"  

      My friends burst out laughing.  Apparently the Duke barely grinned.  

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