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View Diary: A gimlet-eyed view of the Obama/Emanuel relationship. (66 comments)

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  •  Rahm is part of Obama's larger miscalculation. (10+ / 0-)

    Obama seriously misjudged the degree of partisanship that would exist after he was sworn in.  The notion of triangulation is as archaic as a moderate republican. Obama actually thought he would be working constructively with republicans, not facing the party of no.  Rahm was the recruiter of "conservative" democrats for congressional races, so I can see where Obama would have projected Rahm to have legislative value in trying to govern from the center, or whatever they perceived it would be.

    Didn't work out that way, was never going to happen.  From the git-go to show republicans this new way of leading, Obama let Rahm trash the "liberal wing" of the party (especially those bloggers). Progressive ideas, many given lip service by candidate Obama, and progressive leaders and experts were ignored, shunned, and ridiculed.  Much of this by Rahm himself.

    Rahm could only be effctive if their fantasy of republican cooperation ever materializes.  It won't.  Rahm will remain contemptuous of progressives.  He only expects them to shut the fuck up, send money and vote the way he tells them to vote; anything else pisses him off.  In the meantime, they will continue to shift all policies to whatever can come closest to getting republican votes, even if just one vote, like Snowe's.  And they will do so even if a majority of the country prefers progressive policies, and there are majorities in the House and Senate that favor them.  He has done this with the public option, drug reimportation, to name but a few.

    Rahm has burned his bridges with many or most of the progressives.  He stays because Obama still believes his fantasy of governing will someday materialize.  They are sticking to it.  Obama has no plan B.

    Obama has rallied his inner circle to his vision, his vision of governing.  The reality is, that's the problem.  They are in pursuit of style and they are content to settle on whatever substance they can get.

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