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  •  God, Guns, and Mexicans. (18+ / 0-)

    Gays no longer make it on the list, as we just elected Mayor Anise Parker. Not to say it's all good, but even the holy rollers know that horse has been beaten to death.

    God: Texans do not want government deciding who associates with who. Churches are a way to ensure that you and your children only associate with social and ethnic groups you prefer.

    Guns: Obviously a hot-button issue, not only the castration anxiety of the yahoo groups, but the business impact of hunting, gun shows, and others.

    Mexicans: Read the comments section of any paper in Texas. Mexicans are dehumanized and turned into generic nouns, so as to be easier to hate. A mexican woman giving birth, is an "illegal" pushing out an "anchor baby".

    And as usual, we want to have it both ways. I want my lawn cut at a price that implies off-the-books wages and no insurance, but I want them to immediately vanish the second they bag the last leaf.

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