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View Diary: The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans (720 comments)

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    N in Seattle, floundericiousMI

    I think you are mistaken though. I'm pretty sure that the average Democratic voter as well as a good chunk of the Independents believe that Gay Americans should be able to live openly without threat to their livelyhood, including serving openly in the military and teaching their kids. They also believe that they should be afforded at the mimumim the same legal rights as marriage even if some of them are still reluctant to allow them the use of the word. I'm sure they don't want to outlaw birth control or abortion and are perfectly happy to leave religion out of the public schools. On the death penalty, there is probably a mix because this has never been a wedge issue.

    The reason I'm so certain about this, is because otherwise, they'd be Republicans.

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