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View Diary: The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans (720 comments)

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    The poll and the book don't tell any astute informed intelligent progressive anything that we don't already know in our gut.   The hard core base of the Republican party have bought into an arational set of beliefs.

    But it's more complex than simply saying that this dooms Republicans to lose big elections.   One must also take into account the willingness, or lack thereof of Democrats in general and of President Obama in particular to have the courage to actually advance and to pass a progressive agenda......or at least as progressive as can possibly be mustered with 50 votes plus Joe Biden.

    The Republicans can simply continue to obstruct and claim that the reason that stuff ain't gettin done is because the Democrats themselves don't believe in the president's agenda enough to ram it through and to be willing to take full responsibility on election day!

    Times are tough and the folks in power are mostly Democrats. There is a strong anti-incumbency vibe n the air when large numbers of people are suffering.    

    And, yes...I get that giving the Senate back to the Republicans in November would be moving the nation from the frying pan into the fire.....but that's what the people of Massachusetts just did when they perceived that the Democrat was too milquetoast.   People want CHANGE!!!   Real change, not rhetoric...not focus grouped bullshit that is designed to con-vince us that we're being "listened to" and "understood".   Real change menas actions in the form of progressive, and substantially so, legislation is passed.

    This all boils down to whether or not the Democrats will have the courage to use the power of budget reconciliation to pass laws....and even where needed, to alter the cloture rules.  If EVER there was a time to "go nuclear" this is it!!!

    We can all rest assured that if a day came when the Republicans held 60 votes and the House and the presidency....and the Dems abused the cloture rules in this manner for even a few weeks.....let alone a bloody YEAR that they will not hesitate to assert their majority.

    Clearly, the base of their party is not rational.......but most of the people in this nation are rightly pissed of at a status quo in which they/we know that they/we have been getting screwed and screwed systemically.....and bullshit will walk at that point unless the party in power actually USES that power to fix the problems.  

    Simply pointing out the flaws n the opposition and blaming George Bush and Ronald Reagan won't be sufficient this time out.  Too many people are suffering too much...and the liklihood of things getting MUCH worse is too haunting for the same old bullshit to work.

    So, yes Markos....let's expose the flws, fallacies and foibles of the opposition....but let's also be willing to take the risk of standing up for what we believe and advancing our agenda in a bold and positive manner.


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