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View Diary: What Democratic leadership failure looks like (337 comments)

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  •  Remember, we WON 2 victories in November... (0+ / 0-)

    ... a fact overlooked by most new media.

    The NY 23rd and the CA 10th seats, a solidly Repub and Blue Dog district respectively, were won by committed Progressives..

    The 3 losses to Repubs were by centrists, even the most recent. People want to see their candidates have a strong stand - as Nate Silver pointed out, Strong and Wrong beats out wimpy - especially if you're right (correct!).

    Why can't we ever learn that weakness, perceived or real, LOSES elections. And typically, perceived weakness corresponds to real weakness. If 59-41 majority seems weak, that is ONLY because the Dems are INTRINSICALLY weak.

    Snap out of it! Howard Dean said it another way: those who fail to USE their majorities, lose those majorities. Or are individual Dems that solidly bought and paid for?

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