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    ...but if you've ever traveled to the South or the nation's midsection, or taking a quick glance at even the most basic of polling there, you'd draw the unmistakeable conclusion that somehow someway, there are two distinct Americas.

    Your last sentence is the fallacy in our common way of thinking here. The way WE think is that women have rights, and Roe v Wade is a law that should be protected and followed. In Nebraska, only 1 in 3 voters thinks that way. Nelson runs on that position, and is now trying to deliver on the promise of restraint in supporting government's role in abortion. He is doing exactly what you are saying he should. Yet, we bash him for it, and cry foul when the DNC throws its financial support behind the campaign it takes to get him elected.

    It makes no sense to me, other than it's quite clear many of us on here have no idea what the "rest of the country" actually thinks, and what it took to get the Lincolns, Nelsons and Landrieus elected in the first place. Clearly when they " on issues that appeal to (THEIR) voters, and deliver on the promises..." we have no tolerance or understanding of what is really going on there.

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