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  •  My Comment to Ezra Klein's piece (0+ / 0-)

    Better question Ezra - if this is what Republicans think of Obama, then why is he trying to find sanity on the other side of the aisle instead of working with the large Congressional majorities he has to pass legislation to: A) increase or maintain those majorities, and B) win the policy war the GOP base appears to have abandoned altogether. The GOP seems much less focused on policy solutions than on pleasing corporate donors and creating new boogeymen for the base to overreact to. Sad, but true.

    At what point is it best to just IGNORE the GOP and move forward with just Dems instead of trying to get the truth-challenged kids in the class to matriculate? Sometimes you gotta leave kids back. Sometimes you have to send them to Special Ed. That's what Dems need to do with Republicans - leave them behind.

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