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View Diary: 123 civilians, 3 al Qaeda DRONED in January, 17 more dead today (111 comments)

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  •  Ok. I see where you're at. (0+ / 0-)

    I will trust the NYT with many grains of salt, and reservations. I will trust Al Jazeera with many grains of salt, and reservations, and a cultural gap. I will not trust you because you obviously are a jackass with some sort of thing up your rear about American media lies while Arab media tells the truth in the Middle East- and therefore we can't question their "facts" because NYT facts are also questionable. Hey. Some guy said that American drones are killing 30-50 civilians for each terrorist they kill. Let's get mad about without asking about the source of information. There, I just rewrote your post in the last two sentences.

    •  Check out your knee-jerk distrust (0+ / 0-)

      of Middle Eastern names and sources. That's the only interesting thing you should take away from this discussion. Everyone should suspect any source they've never heard of, and the ones they've heard of that have a track record that has gotten thousands of people killed for no good reason, like the NYTimes. Everyone knows that.

      My sources are definitely not sitting on top of Mt. Olympus. They're mainstream Pakistani sources, which are almost uniformly extremely pro-government and anti-'Taliban' and anti-'terrorist'. I tend to give a little extra trust when generally pro-government sources (like the NYTimes, actually, for example), publish news reports that are less than supportive of the government take on things.

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