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  •  It's complicated! (0+ / 0-)

    Dr. Freud made a famous statement: "Anatomy is destiny."  It drives feminists crazy, and I can see why; but it is an interesting point. Noting that you live
    in a woman's body, you may have some idea of what he was talking about.
        Jane Austen was for her day a highly liberated thinker who was quite
    realistic, within her context, about the great issue of fairness between
    the sexes.  Today, Jane Austen would be a very strong liberationist.
       Your posting was surely angry. Anyone can see that. It has nothing
    to do with psychological insight or any of that. I have no real knowledge
    of Mrs Edwards' issues, and clearly she has reason to be angry. I am
    quite sympathetic to her on several counts. Among other things, she's
    married to a horse's ass; I cannot stand the man. He should be made
    to do unpaid public service for decades for just sheer bad taste and
    selfishness -- like cleaning up rest rooms in public parks!
       This may make clearer some of my points. I am now quite content
    to walk away from all this useless chatter, and I now say, goodbye.

    •  "Your posting was surely angry" (0+ / 0-)

      Dearest mrmyster . . .

      Again, I am fascinated by your belief that you have the power to know me after one read of a few prose . . .read through you eyes, on a cold hard screen, without conversation . . . to define me.  I share; perception is an individual reality.

      I prefer reciprocal reverence.  I feel as though I was cut to the core.

      "Once you label me you negate me."
      ~ Soren Kierkegaard [Danish Philosopher and Theologian]

      Please trust, I know nothing of you, and certainly cannot grasp your full essence for I will never be you.  I can ask, listen to an answer with an open mind and heart.  I can choose to inquire further with a desire to learn.  If, or were I to define you, my assessment would speak more of me, and how my past experiences affect my appraisal.  I invite compassion, care, and opportunities to share sincerely.  

      It is only the giving that makes us what [who] we are. - Ian Anderson. Betsy L. Angert

      by Bcgntn on Thu Feb 04, 2010 at 09:07:08 PM PST

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