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View Diary: Harold Ford Confused on New York Geography AGAIN. (116 comments)

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  •  New York needs to keep Junior (8+ / 0-)

    Junior is so THROUGH in Tennessee. He ran as a Republican-lite, and people saw through it. I really don't understand why he -- or anyone else -- thinks Harold Ford Jr. is ALL THAT.

    He's the scion of a notoriously corrupt political dynasty in Memphis. I won't go into details, but google his uncle John Ford, and his other relatives. His father was elected to Congress as a hard-core race-baiter, screaming incessantly about "White Devils".

    I've heard him speak to small groups several times here in Memphis, and, frankly, there is no "there" THERE. A nice-looking guy, an empty suit. Nothing there but the image.  

    The group in New York that is promoting his candidacy is buying a pig in a poke. They need to take a close look -- and look for any signs of substance here. There aren't any.

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