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View Diary: Obama Administration & assassinating US citizens? (243 comments)

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    But I insist that I don't trust the U.S. intelligence community to murder people simply suspected of some terrorist ties.

    Now you're just slicing it thin.  You say you don't want a trial first, but then you say that  suspicion of some terrorist ties isn't enough.   So you want these same intel services to decide on the basis of suspicion of terrorist conspiracy, or suspicion plus evidence....which isn't really different from US policy.  You're still for killing people on the basis of such evidence that can be gathered.

    In fact, the only difference seems to be that you are addicted to dumbass ad hominems.

    Subsidies without cost controls, regulatory reform means that citizens get a little more awful insurance at a huge cost to taxpayers. Like Part D but worse.

    by Inland on Thu Feb 04, 2010 at 01:43:55 PM PST

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