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  •  That's one definition (4+ / 0-)
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    There are others, according to some authorities.

    Note this one:

    The definition of domestic terrorism is broad enough to encompass the activities of several prominent activist campaigns and organizations. Greenpeace, Operation Rescue, Vieques Island and WTO protesters and the Environmental Liberation Front have all recently engaged in activities that could subject them to being investigated as engaging in domestic terrorism.  

    I understand that you are arguing a somewhat different point, that is, international terrorism; what I am saying is that people have been extrajudicially killed and it is self-deceiving to pretend it will not happen again. Especially when the authority to do so is given "legal" backing.

    The kids killed at Kent State were not rioting. Maybe you weren't around back then. There's nothing like an event like that to give you an idea of what our government is capable of.

    Anyway, thank you for the thoughtful and polite discussion.

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