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    Here's me, late to the party (as usual); I posted this a couple weeks ago, in a "Machine-Free" diary.

    My 10-point plan for election reform:

       1. Hand-counted paper ballots

       2. Separate the election of Pres electors from all other races and regulate it at the federal level;

       3. If you're a citizen of the US, you're allowed to vote in this race;

       4. No registration -- voters must provide proof of citizenship to vote, and get an indelible-ink stamp on their hand after they vote;

       5. Make Election Day a fed holiday;

       6. Every candidate for Pres can have one witness per polling station/counting team/tabulating team/certifier/recount team, at every step of the process;

       7. Counting the ballots, tabulating the totals, recounts, and certifications are open to the public and the media;

       8. Allow states to hold elections on that day if they choose to, using whatever processes and methods they choose -- but keep the federal poll workers, ballots, counting teams, etc. completely separate from the state system;

       9. Any challenges, disputes, recounts, contests are regulated by fed law, under the authority of fed election officers/in fed courts;

      10. Set the timetable for the whole process -- canvassing, certification, recount, contest -- to adhere to the requirements of fed law WRT the meeting of the Electoral College.

    Embarassingly Liberal! -- Wellstone '96

    by rincewind on Tue Jan 04, 2005 at 04:22:35 PM PST

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