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View Diary: Tea Party At Nuremberg: Umberto Eco on UrFascism (60 comments)

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  •  Is wishing for limited government on your list? (0+ / 0-)

    I think the tea party movement is related to the expansion of federal and state government.

    We live in a time were the only people getting raises are government workers and industries favored by the government (bankers, government contractors, lobbyists, etc.)

    The GOP did not improve things. The Dems did not improve now where to go?

    •  Think Globally, Act Locally (3+ / 0-)
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      Nona D Above, amk for obama, zenox

      You'd think people would be dismantling their local services first, but most of the limited government types seem to be the ones pushing hardest to pack their local school boards and city councils.

      That just popped into my head and not quite relevant to your question.

      •  Why is state governments No. 1 (0+ / 0-)

        priority giving their union workers a raise? Why don't they fund essential services and then go to voters to raise taxes for the union workers - instead of vice-versa.

        (At least, thats how it works in Washington State).

        <corrupt local government rant>
        Unions lobbyists can pull a state legislator out of any meeting - tell Sen. So-and-so the SEIU rep is here...the reps will drop everything to meet union lobbyists. The 15 minute meeting rule does not apply for them....

        In fact, if you want time face-time with a rep. find a union lobbyist and horse-trade their time  - they will set up a meeting and then you show-up and give your spiel...
        </corrupt local government rant>

        Been working with lobbyists lately to try to wrangle some government is sickening to see the corruption from the inside.

        •  Would Haliburton Give You A Better Deal ? (3+ / 0-)
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          blueoasis, millwood, amk for obama

          More importantly, would the money paid stay in your state or get funneled to some international corporation?

          •  Our Ferry division (0+ / 0-)

            can't wait to pay out country companies for services that local companies can provide for less cost.

            The WA Dept of Transportation is the same way - though they keep most of the spending in the USA - but not local in state companies. So they may as well be paying Haliburton.

            The corruption at the local level is obscene. Here in WA it is all Democratic Party. So no wonder folks are looking for other choices.

        •  You seem to have a bug up something (2+ / 0-)
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          blueoasis, millwood

          on states giving union members raises. Not so much in NC.  Not so much in Hawaii (a VERY union oriented state).  Washington State might be different (I did a bit of googling to get a sense of how and why the current union strength in Washington.  Seems like state workers got left behind on raises from the mid-90s to 2004, when they started playing catch-up with a vengence).

          •  My bug is prioritizing. (0+ / 0-)

            WA is in solid Dem control. But they are not doing any good.

            They should pay for essential services, pay for schools, etc. Then raise taxes to increase pay for the government employees - if it is so important to do in a middle of a recession.

            But WA will cut essential services, raise government pay, and then ask for tax increases to restore the essential services. Everyone sees through this bullshit.

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