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  •  Congrats on not being a loony wingnut (0+ / 0-)

    There are, of course, millions of sane Republicans out there.  But a significant portion of your "party" (if we can still call it that) has descended into delusional fantasies of "saving America" from the evil, communist, Muslim black president intent on destroying us.

    Maybe you don't feel that way.  I hope you don't.

    "You conservatives" have always been the party of rage/hatred/racism since the 1960s, and it's just getting uglier.  

    I'm sorry you can't see it around you.  I'm sorry you can't see it on Fox News, where its staring at you every single day in plain sight.  I'm sorry you can't see it in the faces of Pat Buchanan and Tom Trancredo and Sarah Palin, who talk about being "real Americans" as if the 53% of this country who voted for Barack Obama are imposters or outsiders.

    Yours is the party that has damaged this country greatly.  Yours is the party of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, two of the most corrupt and dangerous presidents in American history.

    There is a difference between disagreeing with Barack Obama on policy issues and being in a state of perpetual animal-instinct-like rage, which is where your party of loons finds itself today, with Nazi references and abusing words like "socialist" and "fascist" every day on your massive talk-radio empire.

    I'm sorry that you can't see it, "annoyedman."  I really am.  

    It's hard to feel the water boiling when you've been sitting in it for so long.

    But your party practically ruined this country 2000-2008.  George W. Bush was a disgrace.

    And no, people did not hate George W. Bush, even after he "won" the election thanks to an interventionist decision by the conservative politicians on the Supreme Court to shut down a state recount (after years of "state's rights' lip service).

    People hated George W. Bush when he started the Iraq War.

    What has Barack Obama done to inspire such rage from you loons on the right?  ZOMG, a healthcare bill that doesn't even include a public option!!!!!  He's a COMMMMMIEEE!!!  GET HIMM!!!

    Your party is a disgrace.  And even though you seem slightly more reasonable than your bretheren, if you can't see it, I feel sorry for you.  

    •  Hoo-boy... (0+ / 0-)

      You said:

      "You conservatives" have always been the party of rage/hatred/racism since the 1960s, and it's just getting uglier

      Honestly, I don't need your pity. Since the 1960s? Really? Let's see... Was it the Dixiecrats (that's slang for a southern democrat for the uninitiated) who held up passage of the Civil Rights act of 1964, or was it Republicans? Let the record show that it was Republicans who succeeded in killing the Democrat fillibuster against passing that key piece of legislation. The fillibuster was led by Democrat senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia — the old reprobate who is still serving today and trying to bury his past membership in the KKK.

      And you call us racists. Hippie, please!

      You see that? You played the race card only 3 paragraphs into a 13 paragraph reply about how evil we are on the right, but it is your side that continues to view people of color as incapable of self-determination without help from whitey. Why play the race card so soon? Because you've got nothing. You've got allegations, but no proof. That wouldn't stand up in the courtroom of a neighborhood beer joint, let alone a court of law.

      Listen, if you want to dance, come back with links to all the vile rants you care to list from Glen Beck, and I'll counter with links to double the number of vile rants from Keith Olberman (he's been on the air longer than Beck). Then you can bash FoxNews for having a conservative slant, while I can bash CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC for their liberal slant. Then you can bash the WSJ for its conservative slant, and I'll bash the NYT, LAT, Chicago Sun Times, Boston Globe, etc., etc., etc., for their liberal slants. And then, at the end of the day, nothing will have been accomplished.

      OR... how about taking a few calming breaths, center your Ki, and understand that conservatives are not the devil, no matter how much you want to think we are, and that we merely disagree on what policies best answer the problems we face as a nation. Your champion, President Obama, has called for reconciliation in political discourse and a return to civility. If you go back and read both your initial blog post, and your response to my comments, do you in all honestly think that you have furthered his goal or have you instead perpetuated the gnashing of teeth and stamping of feet?

      •  Dumbass (0+ / 0-)

        It was the Dixiecrats who became the modern Republican party.  You are clearly a moron.  Simply because they weren't Republicans at the time doesn't mean they didn't become the core "Southern Strategy" Nixon used in 68 and 72.  

        Your dog-whistle racist party continued through the 80s with racist images of "Welfare Queens" and Willie Horton and reached its low point (since the 60s) with the smearing of Sonia Sotomayor for daring to not be white.

        The nastiness directed at Barack Obama for daring to have a funny "foreign" name, or daring to be born in Hawaii (so exotic) from 2008 speak for themselves.

        Yours is a party that begins, and ends, with racism, bigotry and demonization of the "Other" (gay, Mexican, Muslim, French, etc.) because your group of paranoid white people are convinced that the "real" America (white people on top) is being taken away from you by all them uppity Nigras and Latinas.  

        But you know this.  Deep down, you know it.

        I'm not playing a "race card."  Your party is racist.  Any claims to the contrary were ripped open the past year in watching the vile garbage spewing at every RNC event about birth certificates and "community organizer" cracks or "fiery Latina" smears on Sotomayor implying she couldn't have the temperament to be a Justice.

        Your party is vile.  But you're so emotionally invested in your 10th grade Ayn Rand "markets good! government bad!" cartoon simplicities, and your deep-seated discomfort with the increasingly multicultural face of America, that it all pours out in coded venom.

        So call him Barack HUSSEIN Obama if it makes you feel like a tough guy.  Your party, with its hatred of gay people and Mexicans and Muslims and Europeans and non-Christians of all sorts is the party of the past.

        The young will grow up far more wise to the ways of the world than your party of old white people.  And as the Bill O'Reilly watchers die off, all you'll have left is to pray the filibuster still exists so your party can shut Washington down like it did in 2009.

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