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View Diary: They don't want us to know. Silencing voices for Human Rights (140 comments)

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    Shane Hensinger

    should be addressed to simone, not I. He is the one who provided the "translation," not I.

    Disingenuous dullard.

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      not one opinion stated about the campaign against the New Israel Fund.

      not surprised. you do not want to address the substance of the diary.

      Yes, i support an intifada.

      by Tom J on Sun Feb 07, 2010 at 09:59:53 AM PST

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        this is been the biggest fight i've ever seen in israel's press between sides. every journalist and editor has put in there 2 cents worth. chazen lost her column at jpost and different columnists at different papers are choosing sides, the blogs are going apeshit, the cartoon is EVERYWHERE, australias uber zionist contingency has gotten chazens speaking engagements cancelled in australia and the blogs there are all over it.

        and one post here and you get called out on statements you made a year ago in the middle of a massacre when all hell was breaking loose.

        this is weird. maybe people here just don't read the israeli press. maybe cutting funds for subversive organizations like The Association for Civil Rights in Israel is no big deal to some people.

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