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View Diary: Was it really the biggest snowstorm in Balmer history? (41 comments)

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    But I must say, the piles around my property are MUCH bigger than that, he he!

    We had to shovel the two two-car parking areas at my office building today. I was sure that my wife and/or I would have a heart attack! I was scared to death. More than two feet of super-dense snow, and great piles by the road where a plow had come through.

    Fortunately, I flagged down a local guy with a BIG tractor with a bucket, and he cleared all that snow for us in about 30 minutes.  I offered to pay him $100 or more--and he TURNED IT DOWN! Turns out he is on the town council for our very small town (pop. about 1200) and he was just out doing good deeds!

    How often do you see that? There were other "snow pirates" around charging people $500 or more for smaller jobs.

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