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View Diary: 20/20 Hindsight: the Much Ado About Nothing FoF Superbowl Ad (44 comments)

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  •  Had he said, "Take my wife... please!" (2+ / 0-)
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    wbramh, tardis10

    would you have taken that comment literally?

    In fact, I thought it was a reasonably funny comment, especially knowing the rumors about Tebow's low chances in the upcoming draft. Pehaps it is less obvious to a non-fan, but after re-reading the comment, I fully believe the attempt at humor was extremely clear.

    A bad joke? Perhaps, but there was nothing nasty or mean spirited about it - nothing more than a locker room cut at Tebow.  I'm sure Tim Tebow has heard worse, and even as a 3rd or 4th round pick, he'll still be laughing all the way to the bank. So you can't feel sorry for Tebow, either. If you do, then you are really taking this non-issue too far.

    Was it high-end Letterman material?
    That's subjective.
    But I found nothing offensive in either the point or the construction.
    We can assume the commenter is probably not a professional comic - just going for a moment of levity and not moral hate-mongering.
    I'm old enough to remember when people could make far worse (and less obvious) jokes without the PC Police descending on them.
    I am fairly certain you just heard one thing when he was commenting on something quite different.

    And speaking of Letterman, Letterman never suggested that Sarah Palin's daughter should be gang-raped by the New York Yankee infield - no matter what Palin claimed. Palin's public (and running) condemnation of Letterman was ludicrous, and far more mean-spirited than Letterman's original joke.  As for Palin's choice of reactions, IMO, she is a serial liar and knew she was stirring a fraudulent hornet's nest. That's what she does so well.
    As a person who finds rape unfunny, and as a one-time mother of a teen girl, I thought Letterman's joke was funny - and quite clearly NOT a rape joke.

    If it is still not clear that the commenter's intent was innocent - trust me and simply drop it.

    You'll both be happier for it.

    •  Thank you for being the adult. (2+ / 0-)
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      crose, barbara318

      I for one will take your advice and "drop it."
      It's unfairly deviating from the diarist's focus, and that's not fair to the diarist (and a very good diary).
      If the attack continues, it wilI have no response.

      And my sincere apologies to the diarist for contributing to the interruption.
      Your diary deserves better.

      •  Thank you (1+ / 0-)
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        I saw your accidental guilty response.
        Now that was funny, even though it was unintentional since the commenter was not directing his comment at you. Still, a civilized thought on your part. Kudos for that.

        And I agree with you, it's easy to screw up the dialogue on a good diary by being side-tracked.
        You did the adult thing and I commend you for it.

        I'm sure the diarist does, too.

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