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View Diary: UPDATE- New Rasumussen Poll: New Poll: 58% of People Think GOP Is Not Compromising Enough (114 comments)

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  •  But in a state like Massachusetts she (0+ / 0-)

    was entitled by all normal measures.

    Are you really going to stick your head in the sand and claim that there has not been a dramatic shift in voter sentiment away from Democrats (and more or less by default towards Republicans) in the past year?

    •  If you're seriously going to argue (1+ / 0-)
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      that a politician can just assume that they're entitled to a seat, royally screw up a campaign, and be surprised that they lost (especially against an opponent who was trying to win), it's clear that your analytical skills earn you your username.

      Now, as for voter sentiment, let's take a look at what's there.  Last year, the Democrats were at +14 favorable/unfavorable, and the Republicans were at about -28.

      Right now, the Democrats are at 17 and the Republicans are at 27.  What's that show?  People still hate the Republicans, and they're sick of the Democrats not doing anything*.

      So no, it doesn't show that that there's a huge shift to the Republicans.  It just shows that people are sick of the Democrat's spinelessness.

      *Yes, I know, they did get a lot done, but on the really visible stuff, like HCR/HIR, they dropped the ball really, really badly.

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