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  •  The question needs to be Why Protect Bad Doctors (3+ / 0-)
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    I made this same comment recently. It needs to be about Truly Bad Doctors and the Medical Review Boards that Protect them.

    Here's a headline that is pretty scary - "Report: Pa. Medical Oversight Board among worst."

    In PA, a "Doctor accused of trying to bribe a member of the State Board of Medicine." - After a lawsuit settled in death of 18 yr old girl - "State records indicate Glunk renewed his medical license about five months later."

    And this Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor

    In a surprise inspection last September, state investigators found several violations by Dr. Arafiles and concluded that the hospital had discriminated against the nurses by firing them for "reporting in good faith."

    So Doctor has violations but they are still going the to put the reporting nurse on trial.

    It's not about malpractice lawsuits - it's about keeping the secret about bad doctors - who can continue to practice. Stop Protecting Bad Doctors!

    "People ask, is there one word that you have more faith in than any other word, ...I'd say its Participation." - Pete Seeger

    by PAbluestater on Wed Feb 10, 2010 at 08:54:41 AM PST

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    •  The hospital knew of his really, really bad (0+ / 0-)

      record but you see, it was hard to get a doctor out there in West Texas so the administrator was thinking over what to do.

      So the nurse filed the complaint. But the doc had treated the sherif for a heart attack and he lived and just loves his doc so he is helping him out.

      We are in a time where it is risky NOT to change. Barack Obama 7-30-08

      by samddobermann on Thu Feb 11, 2010 at 03:43:48 AM PST

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