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    I am not opposed to to people suing for malpractice. I would if I was injured. What I am opposed to is unlimited pain and suffering damages.
    I was told by a defense attorney that they would never take an "injured" child case to court even if the treatment was definitely within the standard of care. Medicine is shades of gray, and a certain gray color appears darker next to white and whiter next to dark. Jurors are human too.

    Regarding option 2, I am a strong believer that this stuff should be outlawed, or that income from it be severely restricted.

    •  Regarding point no. 2 (0+ / 0-)

      I strongly agree with you on limiting self-referrals.

      What's just as bad, from a systemic point of view, is all the intermediary companies, such as leasing companies that "partner" with the physician and enable them to buy more and more equipment.  So not only is their an incentive for individual doctors to make unnecessary referrals, there is an entire for-profit industry dedicated to pumping up the number of procedures that patients undergo.  

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