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  •  Don't be stupid (0+ / 0-)

    I never said anything close to doctors working for free, but hyperbole and strawmen are often the last resort of an uninformed opinion.  But if you do not see a problem with referrals going up as much as 300% when the doctor doing the referring is suddenly making some coin from it, then I can't help you.  As I said, that shows they were either not making referrals in the past when they should have been or are making ones now that they didn't feel they needed to in the past.  Only a total moron would ignore the relevant factor that has changed.

    Go ahead and google "economic medicine self referral" and do some research yourself.  Maybe then you can avoid sounding half as ignorant as you do now.

    Also, you clearly have an issue with attorneys that is clouding any reasonable judgment you have on this issue.  Did one stand you up on a date once?  Was your girlfriend screwing one behind your back because he could provide her with all the shiny baubles you could not?  Do tell.  Inquiring minds wan to know.

    •  Some of the self-referrals are definitely (0+ / 0-)

      wrong and are motivated by greed, and I think steps need to be taken to examine and correct. But I see self-referrals as being irrelevant to the issue of medical malpractice and defensive medicine which I was discussing until you came along.

      I don't have anything personal against attorneys at fact Wall street bankers are lower on my shit list than attorneys. But if some physicians are abusing self-referrals, even more lawyers are taking out billboards ads trying to get up to 35% of verdicts. Anyone who impugns physicians are being "greedy" needs their head examined

      •  ummm... (0+ / 0-)

        YOU replied to ME, genius.  Maybe you have an inflated sense of ego but, believe it or not, I have no idea what you were talking about prior to me posting, nor did I put my comment in a reply to any of your posts. This may surprise you, but a thread is capable of carrying on multiple strains of thought at the same time.

        My comments were addressing the main post by mcjoan, demonstrating some real problems with pushing tort reform as a solution to health care costs.

        And I never said that all defensive medicine can be explained away by economic medicine.  But defensive medicine provides a perfect cover for physicians to explain away their increase in self-referrals.  I forget which state had some hearing on it, New Jersey perhaps, but this is exactly what happened in the MRI referral example I cited when asked by a board to explain the unprecedented increase.  You may think that is "irrelevant".  I do not.

        •  Tort reform won't be the panacea, but it's a good (0+ / 0-)

          start. As for your "defensive medicine provides a perfect cover to explain away their increase in self-referrals" you definitely have a tin-foil hat on with conspiracy theories like that. Defensive medicine causes an increase in referrals to everyone. So eliminating self-referrals still won't eliminate ER docs ordering that extra expensive MRI to rule something out and practice CYA medicine, for example.

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