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  •  Lyndon Had Spine (0+ / 0-)

    LBJ pushed  congress early on in his one term presidency. Lyndon accomplished Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights bill, and more by fighting with and understanding the enemy and how to control congress.

    LBJ knew how to use the bully pulpit and  lead congress by shepherding his bills through to enact the most important legislation of our and future generations.

    Spine?  LBJ was never afraid to show it on domestic issues.   And while not a gifted speaker, he understood how to frame his ideas so that all Americans knew what he was talking about.

    And FDR had spine to spare. He used every shortcut and legislative ploy imaginable to enact his programs, fill the Supremes, and his use of the bully pulpit was masterful.

    And oh yes, we always knew what these presidents stood for along with their communcation skills.

    The president should b clearly explain complex issues by breaking them down and earning public support right out of the box.


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