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  •  This makes everyone richer. (9+ / 0-)


    They've shown that open spaces -- and park spaces -- in a city where all walk and commune together outside of their cars lowers the sense of poverty that people feel and the sense of division between rich and poor.

    I heard former Bogota, Colombia Mayor Enrique Penalosa talk about what he did in that city, increasing park spaces, taking cars off the curbs where people had grown accustomed to parking them (at expense of pedestrian walkways, etc.  And Bogota became a hell of a lot more liveable, accessible, and happy a place as a result.  He pointed out it's just something you have to do, that there will always be people who argue that more cars means more convenience.  

    Anyway, thanks for this.  I am sitting in SF now.  I live in Berkeley. I am always on that street, Center.  And somehow I missed all of this.

    •  I went to Walter Hood's presentation (2+ / 0-)
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      ybruti, BYw

      a couple of weeks ago, and that was the first time I saw what's going to be happening there. It's hard to believe that this could be done, but that's also the beauty of it, that we can really make any change if only we put our minds to it. Without the determination of a handful of visionaries it wouldn't be happening, but I'm pretty sure everyone is going to LOVE it. If you have a minute and feel inspired, call your council person and tell him/her that this is cool, it's not quite over the finish line yet and every voice helps.

      Live life. Not too fast. Mostly walk. (or bike)

      by citisven on Wed Feb 10, 2010 at 06:29:10 PM PST

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