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View Diary: Maddow explains it so even infants & teabaggers can understand (349 comments)

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  •  Great Episode (13+ / 0-)

    Thanks for doing this diary about it.

    Nice that some folks are pushing back against the deniers this time. Too bad that we don't hear anything (or at least I haven't) from our Democratic elected leaders on this subject... except for the ones who want to use the snowstorm as an excuse not to do anything on clean energy this year. Makes a ton of sense.! The climate can't wait.

    by B Amer on Thu Feb 11, 2010 at 07:49:34 AM PST

    •  I loved when Dr. Nye (0+ / 0-)

      said that skepticism is unpatriotic. That alone should earn him the Nobel Prize for Science and exhibits what a serious scientist he is. And, of course, I loved Rachel's facial expressions. She is truly a national treasure as a journalist and is very intelligent. We are on the verge of having this planet explode in a massive heat wave and we still have goons like Jim Inhofe denying the inevitable. We need to create millions of green jobs and give Dr. Nye and Rachel the Nobels they deserve.

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