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  •  those bastards deserve to die painful deaths. (6+ / 0-)

    However, rather than calling for murder, we should instead be calling for them to die the same kinds of painful deaths they inflict on their victims er uh clients.

    Like this:

    A group of fifty to a hundred people show up outside Anthem's California HQ, after calling the media and informing them that something juicy is about to happen.

    Then one by one, members of the crowd step up to the mic of a portable PA system and read off statements such as the following:

    "I'm here to say that (name of Anthem exec) deserves to die.  He deserves to die a painful, miserable death from (name of disease).  While he's on his way to dying he can expect to experience (list of symptoms), and we hope he gets to experience all of them.  Just like (name of someone who was denied health care) did, when Anthem denied (him/her) treatment for (name of disease)."

    One after another, reading those statements, each with a different Ahtnem exec's name, and a different disease, and a different patient's name who was denied treatment.  

    Now what would be really powerful is if the entire crowd read through each statement in unison, as perfectly synchronized as a chorus or a military march.  Thus they wouldn't need microphones and a PA system.  This would take quite a bit of practice and rehearsal to get it exactly right.  But it would convey a kind of power that is undeniable and frankly intimidating.  Which is a good thing.  

    •  Join us, G2Geek. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Shockwave, G2geek

      Anthem Blue Cross is headquartered in Warner Center, which is in Woodland Hills, CA, in the notorious San Fernando Valley.

      Contact DailyKos user Shockwave. We need this kind of help.

      The next OneCare Happy Hour will be February 26, 2010.
      Full care, for all, for less: YES WE CAN. CA OneCare: SB 810.

      by Pris from LA on Thu Feb 11, 2010 at 10:44:46 PM PST

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