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  •  No imo it's similar to a literacy test to have (4+ / 0-)

    the right to vote.

    Imo no type of testing or training should be required to exercise a right. This would change none of the laws that attempt to prevent prohibited possessors to have a gun.

    In all honesty though those laws are way too restrictive also. Violent felons maybe should be prohibited but for the majority of crimes classified as felonies what does voting or carrying have to do with anything.

    •  Agreed. (4+ / 0-)

      Although, I think the case can be made that concealed carry is different enough from simple ownership that some sort of oversight system is still Constitutional.

      I mean, we require licensing and oversight to broadcast on the radio, and that doesn't infringe on Freedom of Speech rights.  You can't force someone to put a flier up on their own property, etc.

      Not a perfect analogy, but I hope you take my meaning.  We're only disagreeing on a matter of degree.

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