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View Diary: New CNN CEO: Jon Stewart was right, Crossfire sucks (175 comments)

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    In fact, corporate support for PBS has declined considerably in recent years, while federal support has fortunately held steady.  For example, ExxonMobil didn't renew its 25 year support of Masterpiece Theatre and they haven't been able to find more corporate support for this program.

    As for the comments about The News Hour, you're really off the mark.  For instance, if you'd ever spent five minutes in a room with Ray Suarez (and I had the privilege of spending almost a day with him not too long ago), you'd know how liberal he is.  In fact, two years ago, at the PBS annual meeting, he sat on a stage and debated Tucker Carlson, who by the way got a VERY COLD reception at that meeting from the local affiliate folks who in no way welcomed his new show.

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