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  •  I am willing to bet (10+ / 0-)

    that if, tomorrow morning, someone asked Rep. Hodes what he thought about the responses to his diary, he would not even know that they were talking about.  I'm willing to bet that he doesn't even know about it.

    Whoever posted the diary, after nine hours and almost 500 comments, didn't even have the courtesy to post a comment saying that there would be a response at some later date, or to thank anyone for their feedback (and not all of it was negative,) or anything else.

    Yet here you are, scolding people, just like the congressman came to scold people, and expecting that this will make some kind of a positive difference.

    People here and all across the country gave the Democrats the White House, a huge majority in the House, and a 60 seat majority in the Senate.  We gave them all the power they needed to stand up and get things done for the people.  And I mean the average people in this country -- the vast, vast majority of the people.  And they have not stood up for us in any significant way.  We get campaign promises, complaints about Republicans (who have no significant power in our government,) excuses, and then a scolding when patience runs out and we watch our country and our own situations crumbling down around us while the people we trusted with our votes do virtually nothing about it.

    Yet, you have the nerve to scold the voters and the activists who worked their asses off and gave money until it hurt because you are "embarrassed" by some comment responses in a blog.  I can only say that I find the sources of your embarrassment to be way off base, blind, tone deaf, and pointed entirely in the wrong directions.  Why don't you go visit some people who have lost their jobs and/or homes and try your scolding act on them?  Go tell them how embarrassed you are that people lashed out at a congressman because he prioritized cutting domestic spending.

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