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View Diary: Kevin Smith is not Too Fat - SWA is Too Bigoted (and Stupid) to Fly! - Updated (177 comments)

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    Charles CurtisStanley

    Your argument about it costing more to MAIL a piano than to mail a folding chair is just plain idiotic. You don't mail a piano, fool! You don't even ship it via regular freight! It's a delicate instrument, despite its size; you have it moved by a piano mover, a specialist. And I guarantee you that a piano mover has plenty of room to move a piano.

    The U.S. mail does not handle pianos.

    Living kidney donor needed; type B, O, or incompatible (with paired donation). Drop me a note (see profile).

    by Kitsap River on Wed Feb 17, 2010 at 02:39:17 PM PST

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